Nioh best pve weapon

The Weapons of Nioh come in many shapes and sizes, and each will be important as you battle your way through armies of man and Yokai alike. As William enters the land of Japan, you will find that having a preferred weapon type will be the key to survival, as each weapon comes with its own associated Weapon Skillsand every weapon type has its strengths and weaknesses.

Despite this, all weapons share a few key things:. Each weapon behaves differently in these stances, and multiple weapon skills can be unlocked to use combos and powerful moves in each stance. All weapons also share certain skills relating to Grappling and using Ki Pulse.

Any Grapple or Ki Pulse skill unlocked for one weapon is unlocked for all. Weapons also have rarity much like Armormeaning no two weapons are usually the same, as they can have multiple special effects depending on rarity. Certain special effects can also be passed down in Forging if the weapon's familiarity is maximized. Swords are the bread and butter of Nioh. They are reliable, fast, light, and average in all aspects - while not over excelling in any one category.

Dual Swords are quick and fast, able to dish out a lot of quick hits in a short period - but lack strong isolated attacks and have trouble staggering opponents. Spears are slower weapons with amazing reach and length, able to pierce from afar or swing in wide arcs.

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This amazing reach can also be a curse in close quarters, or areas where the weapon can hit walls and become useless. Axes are heavy slow weapons that can deal amazing damage, but have very limited range and take a long time to connect. Kusarigamas are very technical and unique weapons involving a weighted chain tied to a sickle. They can be used in inventive ways, with a high reach and fast close combat damage.

Longbows are fast ranged weapons that can launch a variety of different arrow types from far range - but deal light damage and can't break an enemy's defense easily. Rifles are ranged weapons that are slower to fire, but deal more damage at a closer range - although they take a lot longer to reload.

Hand Cannons are massive firearms that are very slow to fire and reload, but deal incredible damage at short range. Nioh Wiki Guide Table of Contents. Last Edited: 8 Feb pm.Join VIP to remove all ads and videos. Weapons in Nioh and information about their stats is shown below. Weapons are color coded by their rarity: Common, UncommonRareExotic.

The rarer the item, the more beneficial status effects it will possess. Equipping a weapon effectively requires a minimum value in specific Stats. You can level up stats to meet a minimum requirement by spending Amrita at Shrines.

nioh best pve weapon

Equipping a weapon you do not meet the minimum requirements for results in a halved attack multiplier as well as an inability to make use of the passive Status Effects. I'm looking for explanations of the color based skill descriptions.

I have items which have even a yellow colored text. Maybe this shows the rarity of the stat? So white, blue, purple, yellow in ascending order? Where can I find a list of all the new weapons from bloodsheds end? I saw two Odachi's I haven't found yet. The only new one I have is the Bone looking one. Hi, i am wondering about the weapons from the dlc, if i buy the season pass, do i get access to the Tonkas and Odachi in the beginning of the game?

Can i select my prefered weapon as the Tonkas so that i can start with them at the beginning of the game. Thanks in advance. What is the better option to do with a weapon? Disassemble, offer to get amrita, sell, or keep it in stock? Can every Katana has the same bonus effects? I mean I tried to get 'change on attack heart A-' but i could not. So, in the meantime i'm using Namiyogi Kanemitsu because it has this effect. Wait, I don't get it. There is no minimal requirements in strength or dexterity to use a weapon, right?

So what is the point to level up this stats? Why not just use my points to level up Body Heart and Magic? So, Kusanagi Tsurugi is the best sword in the game, barring elemental weaknesses, or is this list incomplete? Hey great article I'm wondering what it means when your ranged weapon icons have a reddish background as opposed to normal gear colored icon.

I'm think it might mine some inability to use the weapon fully? But they are no requirements for ranged weapons. So I'm still scratching my head on this one? Any idea? I notice sometimes it's red and sometimes it isn't. Hey all so I'm playing NIoh and Love it but I'm having a bit of confusion when it comes to understanding weapons.The Switchglaive is a easy to use mid range weapon. High stance allows players to deal large amount of damage from a safe position, being able to quickly take out weaker enemies.

Use Mid Stance when fighting against bosses for faster attack speed. Another reason why the Switchglaive is listed in the highest tier is because it scales with Magic, which is a stat required to use Onmyo Magic. Being able to use Onmyo Magic makes the game much easier since it allows players to heal HP, recover Ki, buff their character, and use ranged attacks.

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The Odachi is a weapon that excels in range and break damage, handles similar to an axe but is much easier to use. Because the Odachi scales with Strength, it allows players to improve their surivivability as well as damage, making it the ideal weapon for beginners. The Kusarigama is a weapon with high potential, and the ideal weapon for players who want to use ninjustu skills since it scales with Dexterity. However the Kusarigama does take time to get used to, since the way it handles changes greatly with each stance.

Tonfas have high attack speed and Block stats, similar to the Dual Swords. The Sword is very well balanced, with counter skills and high damage skills which makes the Sword a good offence and defense weapon.

The Sword is a weapon recommended for beginners, since it scales with Heart which increases Ki capacity. The Dual Swords have a very high attack speed, but has a low damage output. It is a cool weapon to use, but lacks in firepower without the use of skills and stances, making it a difficult weapon for players new to the game. Surprisingly the Dual Swords have a high Block stat, so make use of guard as well as dodge during combat.

The Spear can be used to fight from a safe distance with its long reach and range.

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Though it does lack in damage output, the Spear scales with Body which increases HP allowing players to reinforce both offence and defense when using the spear. The Axe excel in damage output as well as the ability to depleting Ki and breaking horns. However, the downside to the Axe is its very slow attack speed and range.

Because it scales with Stamina it Axe build allows players to equip heavy armor, but since the Axe itself has low block stat, guarding with the Axe is not recommended. You must be crazy if you think hatchets are in the same tier as kusarigama.

Nioh: Which Weapon Is Right For My Playstyle

Not to mention higher than dual swords, spear, and katana?? Weapon type tier list Nioh 2. Useful information on each weapon type and recommended weapons for players wondering which weapon to use. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Name Comment. Tier list are just bullshit. Play whatever you feel comfortable with. Dual Swords. Recommended Starting Weapon and Spirit.

Best Stat to Focus and Recommended Build. Weapon Type Tier list.Developer Team Ninja did a phenomenal job of creating balanced weapon combos for Nioh 2even if some are considered better than others. Having said that, the best weapon combo is the one that suits your style. A combo might work well for you while it doesn't for someone else. We recommend having a specialized character. Today we will be exploring the best Nioh 2 weapon combos.

Dual Katana swords and a Katana sword might seem like a nonsensical combo, but the fact that they are similar weapons and rely on the same stats make them noteworthy. The Katana sword has a primary scaling of Heart, a secondary scaling of Skill, and a tertiary scaling of Strength. This makes the weapon a close match to the Dual Katana swords, which use the same stats in a different order. Since both weapons have almost the same reach, the combo loses points.

Both the Spear and Odachi rely on the Strength stat to increase their damage.

nioh best pve weapon

Strength is primary scaling on the Odachi, and Strength is secondary scaling for the Spear. Since these are both long-reach weapons, it could be said that they are similar. Players usually look for weapons the compliment one another. Having the same weapon type can be a disadvantage on the battlefield.

However, being able to outreach your opponent is invaluable. For these reasons, the Spear and Odachi place near the middle on this list. This weapon combo is beneficial for players because both weapons make use of the Skill and Strength stats.

The damage of both the Kusarigama and the Dual Katana sword increases slightly with Strength. Strength is useful for equipping heavy armor, so this is a great combo. Furthermore, these weapons both improve with the Skill stat. Skill makes your Ninjitsu power stronger and improves your Ki Pulse.

An abundance of reasons can explain why the Kusarigama and the Dual Katana Swords work well together. Chances are if you are using a Katana Sword and Dual Hatchets build, you'll want to use light armor. Dual Hatchets are comparable to the Dual Swords, so it's a matter of preference.The Nioh 2 open beta has been out for a few days now, and as players attempt to learn and fight their way through the two -ish levels and dominate Yokai, some strategies are coming out on top.

Well, for players looking for the best ways to utilize their weapons, it really comes down to a choice between the three basic ways that the game can be played, with varying degrees of customization. The obvious differences between these builds involve the speed at which the player attacks, as well as the amount of damage dealt with each attack.

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So which weapons are best for each build? The Power Build has two different weapons available to it, the Odachi and the Axe. Both the Odachi and the Axe are capable of landing powerful blows which can melt enemy health bars, especially when used in a high stance. However, since the attacks all have a large wind up, these weapons aren't the most adept at taking down enemy stamina bars and quickly drain the player's, which can be especially taxing in the Dark Realm that Yokai transport the player to.

Of the two weapons for this build, Odachi easily comes out on top, due to its versatility between all stances, attacks that more easily close the distance between the player and enemy, as well as the connected attribute for raising its damage. Odachi's work well with the Strength stat, which has the added benefit of raising heavy armor effectiveness.

The first attributes that should be ramped up for an Odachi build should be Strength and Constitution. Once the benefits begin getting soft-capped, generally around level 10 or so, then the next two targets should be Heart and Courage, which increase the Ki gauge and its recovery respectively.

This vastness of options is largely due to Nioh 2 favoring high-speed combat that focuses on draining stamina over the slow, calculated movements required of heavy hitters that focus more on health, and leaning into this design can make the Nioh series easier. While all four weapons have their benefits and drawbacks, it's the Tonfas that stand out the highest among the quicker weapons.

Tonfas stand out against the other weapon types in the Speed for similar reasons as the Odachi in Power. Namely, the Tonfas are the most capable weapon for closing the distance between the player and the enemy, as well as their connected attribute being Courage.

This means that most attacks from a Tonfa are more likely to hit their opponents than other weapons a marginal difference within the category and Ki will naturally recover quicker with a proper build, which is a great way to get started in both Nioh titles.

nioh best pve weapon

Courage becomes the most important Attribute for Tonfa users, with Constitution taking a comfortable second place. An honorable mention for Speed Builds though should be the Kusarigama, which has a slower attack speed and more complicated combos than most weapons in this category, but has the added bonus of being perfectly paired with Ninjutsu by connecting it's primary attribute with Dexterity. A Balanced Build is somewhere between speed and power, where attacks do strike fast enough to string together combos and do decent damage, but aren't quite as adept at shredding stamina or dropping enemy health at quite the same rate as Speed and Power Builds.

Balanced weapons include the Sword and the Spear, with the Spear coming out as the clear winner between the two. These Balanced weapons do feed into the intense combat that Team Ninja excels with from Nioh to the recent Dead or Alive. Swords in Nioh 2 are fine, but the Spear has a wider range for better crowd control, are better at closing distance, and the attribute paired with the Spear is Constitution.

This boils down to Spears being better at fighting multiple enemies at once, which sometimes is unavoidable, and making sure that enemies can't evade attacks. While the Sword has more varied stances, the upsides of the Spear completely outclasses its competitor, something that anyone who made it to the end of the beta can learn first hand.

Swords were better in the first Niohwhich players can check out now that it's free for PS Plus members in November.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

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Nioh 2 - Tier List: Best Weapon Type to Use in Nioh 2

Anyone tried it yet? For those who don't know: basically leveling up all stats to the same amount. I'm at 15 for all stats except guardian. Works pretty well so far. Showing 1 - 15 of 30 comments. Either way nioh is still quite forgiving if you put stuff in the wrong stats, probably because 1 point barely changes the stats much, yiu need alot to make a difference.

Qaulity isn't putting points into everything. It's putting points evenly into str and dex. It's from a weapon upgrade path in demon's souls. As long as you use Refined Gems you're fine. Originally posted by awanderingswordsman :.

Anyway, semantics aside, it's not really ideal in this game but the majority of your damage comes from gear's base stats anyway so it's not that big of a deal to spread points out evenly. That lets you play around with all the weapons without respeccing. All of the nonscaling bonuses fall off hard at later levels like 10 levels in stam only giving 0.

Until I hit some of the soft caps I was quite evenly spreading my points, with a slight bias in favour of my weapon scaling stats. Of course, once you reach soft cap levels in everything you may as well just push your primary to 99, the even spread only benefits you so far.

nioh best pve weapon

It will work until you have A scaling weapons when reforging using Divine fragments.Part of that means knowing how each weapon works in the game and figuring out which one is going to work best for you.

Nioh has five different weapons types; sword, axe, dual swords, kusarigama, and spears. Each one functions very differently and can be useful in different situations. The Sword, also known as the Katana, is one of the most versatile weapons in Nioh. However, you may want to move onto something else after a while. There are definitely better options out there, though.

The Axe is the slowest, heaviest weapon in Nioh, but as a result also packs the biggest punch. With enemies that block often, the Axe is a good choice as it can still damage them. You may want to keep another weapon on hand, though, for when you get into tighter spaces.

Pros — Most powerful weapons type, high chances of staggering Cons — Slow and heavy to use, not good in tight spaces and halls Stat — Strength. The Kusarigama is a traditional Japanese weapon, comprised of a sickle attached to a chain. The Kusarigama is especially good for crowd control, as it has both range and spread. Kusarigama are also good for hallways if you just focus on your strong attack mapped to the triangle button. Although, there are weapon choices with more damage power.

Pros — Good combos and strong attacks, good for crowd control, good speed Cons — Low damage compared to other weapons Stat — Dexterity. Dual Swords area easily the fastest weapons in Nioh, allowing you to rapidly fire off attacks against enemies. They certainly lack in strength, but can easily overwhelm enemies with pure speed and agility. Each stance lets you use quick attacks to set enemies off balance, and open them up to a strong attack. The Spear is the best weapon for range in Nioh, and also boasts decent damage and speed.

Make sure to experiment with each weapon in Nioh, as they all have different uses and strengths. For more guides, tips, and help on Nioh, make sure to check out our growing wiki. Connect with us. Pros — Great range, good for AoE attacks and hallways Cons — Can struggle in tight spaces Stat — Body Make sure to experiment with each weapon in Nioh, as they all have different uses and strengths. Continue Reading. Related Topics: bestGuidehelpMultiPostNiohplaystylespearswordstipstypeswhich weapon.

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